This work titled "Faith and Forgiveness" is an archival quality Giclee print of an original painting.  It is printed on archival 210gsm premium matt stock.


The sizes stated are of the paper size. The printed images are proportionate to this.


This image is based around the miracle of the paralytic man.  Mark 2:1-12 is a remarkable story of Jesus’s power to forgive and heal both physically and emotionally. However the healing was enabled by the bold actions in faith of the four men and the paralytic man. This painting captures the moment the man responds to Jesus’s words, “stand up, take your mat and go to your home” (2:11). The ’puppet like’ image shows that while Jesus is always there waiting and willing to hold us, we were not created as inactive puppets waiting for the strings to be pulled. Through the cross, seen re ected on the ground, Jesus left us with the choice to respond or not. It was the paralytic man’s choice to stand up and step out in faith. In doing so, radiant light broke through the darkness that had surrounded him for so long. The temple curtain that hangs from the cross symbolises the inclusiveness of the gospel message for anyone who is willing to reach out to him in faith

Faith and Forgiveness

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